S2 Tech

Students Visit HDC (Hyderabad Development Center)

Madhapur is home to the IT industry in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India. The heart of this area is called HITEC City because of its high concentration of IT companies. HITEC City is where S2Tech's international development center is located. Often, the newly sponsored students from each school will travel with a parent to the S2Tech offices for a visit. Sometimes this is the first big trip for these young people, and they are always amazed at what they are able to see and experience in HITEC City. The students have the opportunity to meet their S2Tech mentor during the visit so they know who they are corresponding with, and an S2Tech executive talks with the students about how education opens the door to opportunity. The mentors enjoy showing the new students computers for the first time and teaching them how to email and use applications like paint and draw. This introduction starts a bonding process that will follow them throughout their school experience. S2Tech supports and encourages the students' learning, and the company is rewarded by knowing the students study hard and will someday give back to the community. It is not clear who enjoys the experience the most, the students or the S2Tech employees.