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Regardless of the culture or country, education is a key to success. When I first traveled to India in 2007, it was surprising to see the wide economic gap between the more affluent population in the cities and the much less educated people in the farming villages. There are many ways to help the economically disadvantaged. While simply donating money for food, clothes, and housing may solve short term problems, it does not solve the long term needs created by the historically low income opportunities available to rural populations.

During this initial visit to Hyderabad, I learned about the Fortune Fund and its goal to educate economically disadvantaged children so that they could one day obtain higher paying jobs than could be gained through subsistence farming. When my wife, who is a teacher, and I met with a small group of Fortune Fund students, we both knew the Fortune Fund was the best way to make our financial donations count the most, not only for today, but for many years into the future.

We are very pleased with the Fortune Fund Program and strongly support its objectives. As a member of S2Tech's executive management team, I am proud that our company matches our employees' contributions dollar for dollar, rupee for rupee. And, I am especially proud of our Hyderabad employees who volunteer their personal time to encourage our Fortune Fund students and serve as their mentors.


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