India Based Program


The Fortune Fund provides books, uniforms, and covers testing fees to sponsored students, and has also been allocated to aid students in other areas where needs arise, such as facility and resource improvements. To keep the students from sitting on the dusty classroom floor, multiple benches and desks were provided by the Fortune Fund.

The Fortune Fund has furnished many of the sponsored schools with computer labs, and a computer instructor was also provided to one school. Providing access to computers in the village schools gives the students hands-on experience with technology, which can benefit them when they pursue further education and professional careers. Zilla Parishad High School had limited access to clean drinking water. The Fortune Fund was able to drill a well that could provide clean drinking water for the school as well as the community of Gudur.

During one visit to Zilla Parishad school, some of our sponsors brought sporting equipment for the children to play with during their breaks, a cricket set and a badminton set. These sponsors were able to interact with all of the students and even had the chance to play a little bit with them.

The Fortune Fund hopes that through providing resources such as these, students will feel supported and encouraged to continue their education.

India Based Program Points

  • 105 students have graduated high school
  • 39 have graduated college
  • 1 well dug to help an entire have clean drinking water