Businesses interested in supporting the Fortune Fund and the Walk for Wisdom can choose from the sponsorship packages below. While we are not enrolling sponsors yet for this year’s event, you can reach out to fortunefund@s2tech.com for more information

Event Contact

Sponsors and participants with questions about the event can reach out to fortunefund@s2tech.com.


When students join the Fortune Fund, they become financially supported in all aspects of their schooling. The Fortune Fund wants those who donate to these students to have a personal connection

with the young ones who are benefiting from their charitable spirit. In this program, you can see how your student progresses and how you have influenced their future.

If you would like to become a sponsor, you can select a Fortune Fund student from below and donate just $5 a month that will go towards their schooling costs. Since the key aspect of this program is to build strong ties between students and sponsors, you are also able to actively communicate with the student. You will be provided with a picture and a brief biography of your student along with a bracelet to show off to your friends and family.

Check out the inspiring stories of our students! To get started, select the student you wish to sponsor and fill out the Sponsor-A-Student donation form below.

In this rural town, the families do their best to earn an income through farming and gardening. Electricity and running water are rare due to low financial resources. In fact, the Fortune Fund recently installed a well for the school that was shared with the entire village, giving water for the first time in years and relieving stress on the village. Despite these challenges, these students are eager to learn and progress in their education. With smiles on their faces, they strive to build a bright future for them and their families.

How many students can I sponsor?

At this time, we are pairing one student with one sponsor so that each sponsor can get to know their student and build a strong and encouraging relationship with them.

Can I donate more than $5?

Absolutely! Every dollar counts and we welcome any amount you desire to donate. Just indicate the amount you would like to contribute under “Additional Donation” on the sponsorship form.

What is the timeframe of my sponsorship?

When you sign the form, you are agreeing to sponsor for one year. At that point, you may renew or discontinue your sponsorship.

Questions? Please email fortunefund@s2tech.com with any other questions you have.