Student Success Stories


I grew up in a small village, that was primarily focused on farming using only the methods that we had learned from our parents and/or grandparents. Everything was done by hand; no machines were used at all. My home life consisted of school, spending time with my grandparents, helping my mother with laundry and kitchen duties, and occasionally working in the fields. 

Before the Fortune Fund, I never expected to finish as school, as both of my parents are illiterate and never finished. The Fortune Fund has helped me to discover new dreams and offered the opportunity to explore the world. I was born and raised a village person and never had chance to dream of exploring the world. I have been able to graduate and enroll in Culver-Stockton College in the United States, I got to travel by airplane, and expand my horizons. 

My future goals now include graduating college with a degree in agriculture and bringing all that I have learned back to my village, teaching everyone there new techniques for farming and increasing the success of their farms. I also hope to become a mentor for the Fortune Fund in the future helping other students achieve their dreams and goals, or create another foundation with the goal of helping the underprivileged.